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Possible Career Opportunities With a PhD in Management

PhDs in Management lead the field in effective Management techniques, as well as general business operations. It is seen as the highest possible degree in Business. You often specialize in management and one other area of business, such as accounting, marketing, finance or strategy. This allows you to wear multiple hats in both the corporate and academic world.

Management Consulting

Almost every company has managers that don’t really manage well. Bad management means bad things for the company; hence where you come in as a management consultant! Your job would be to create training materials and hold classes for managers on how to work more effectively as leaders. You could also be hired full-time as a consultant to provide exclusive training to a company. (However, you could still freelance as well if you have the time unless you signed a non-competition agreement.)

Management Education

For many graduates, giving back to academia is a good path to follow after graduating with a PhD in this field. You would teach management and business at a university, while publishing your research in journals, or presenting them at conferences. Eventually, you’ll be able to teach graduate classes and chair dissertations and theses, just as someone else chaired yours, though it takes years of hard work to reach this level in your career. Your research could also help other companies better themselves down the line as well, basing their management tactics on your work, and although there aren’t research “labs” in management in the traditional sense, that doesn’t mean that your research is any less important. Many professors focus on their research, with teaching being a secondary focus, though you must achieve tenure first to do this level of research in most cases.


The bread and butter of Management degrees, starting one’s own business, is one of the most common path for a PH.D in Management. Your training includes managing people in your business, as well as being able to cover one of your specialties. You’ll be able to lead a company and take it to the top, with a little luck. Remember to also recruit others to advise you on areas you did not specialize in, and to be a leader for your team. Starting your own business is definitely not the easiest option, but if you enjoy a challenge, it can be rewarding.

Best Online PhD Degrees in Management

Northcentral University
DBA in Management
DBA in Project Management
PhD in HR Management
The DBA in Management and DBA in Project Management at Northcentral University provide advanced topics to those passionate in the business and strategy of managing people and projects. Within the DBA program, students apply innovative theory and are able to add value to their specialty. The PhD program in Management uses a more liberal arts approach.
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Walden University
PhD in Management
PhD in I.S. Management
DBM in Supply Chain Management
DBA in I.S. Management
Whether you wish to earn your PhD in Management, PhD in I.S. Management, DBM in Supply Chain Management, or DBA in I.S. Management, Walden University has the faculty, support network, and reputation to take your educational experience to the next level. The management doctorate program, for example, is one of the few in the country offered online.
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Liberty University
DBA in Leadership
DBA in International Business
DBA in Human Resources
DBA in Project Management
Liberty University focuses on industries with demand for technological understanding that are required to carry out daily tasks and responsibilities. Liberty has a Doctorate program in Leadership and International Business. These programs are designed to advance students’ understanding of management theories and technical skills.
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Argosy University
PhD in Management
The PhD in Management program at Argosy University is built around the idea that the success of an organization is linked to the leaders of that organization. This idea is pervasive throughout the curriculum, which explores the qualities of transformational leadership. Graduates are business leaders, educators, and lecturers.
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University of the Rockies
Doctor of Nonprofit Management
The Doctor of Nonprofit Management program at the University of the Rockies teaches best practices in non-profit management through the use of an exciting, dynamic curriculum. Courses prepare you to design and evaluate the non-profit organization to ensure it is built for success. The program requires the proposing, writing, and defending of a dissertation.
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