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Online Resource for PhD Degrees in Management

PhDinManagementOnline provide important guides and information for PhD in Management programs. Rather than focus on communication, human interaction, and organizational skills, PhD in Management programs often shift focus towards research and teaching however some specializations are available for accounting, finance, and strategy.

It goes beyond the standard management education and delves into leadership, organization, human resources, and improved communication between management and employees for an efficient work place.

Northcentral University
DBA in Management
DBA in Project Management
PhD in HR Management
The DBA in Management and DBA in Project Management at Northcentral University provide advanced topics to those passionate in the business and strategy of managing people and projects. Within the DBA program, students apply innovative theory and are able to add value to their specialty. The PhD program in Management uses a more liberal arts approach.
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Walden University
PhD in Management
PhD in I.S. Management
DBM in Supply Chain Management
DBA in I.S. Management
Whether you wish to earn your PhD in Management, PhD in I.S. Management, DBM in Supply Chain Management, or DBA in I.S. Management, Walden University has the faculty, support network, and reputation to take your educational experience to the next level. The management doctorate program, for example, is one of the few in the country offered online.
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Liberty University
DBA in Leadership
DBA in International Business
DBA in Human Resources
DBA in Project Management
Liberty University focuses on industries with demand for technological understanding that are required to carry out daily tasks and responsibilities. Liberty has a Doctorate program in Leadership and International Business. These programs are designed to advance students’ understanding of management theories and technical skills.
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Argosy University
PhD in Management
The PhD in Management program at Argosy University is built around the idea that the success of an organization is linked to the leaders of that organization. This idea is pervasive throughout the curriculum, which explores the qualities of transformational leadership. Graduates are business leaders, educators, and lecturers.
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University of the Rockies
Doctor of Nonprofit Management
The Doctor of Nonprofit Management program at the University of the Rockies teaches best practices in non-profit management through the use of an exciting, dynamic curriculum. Courses prepare you to design and evaluate the non-profit organization to ensure it is built for success. The program requires the proposing, writing, and defending of a dissertation.
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What is a PhD in Management?

A PhD in management is the highest degree one working at a management level or teaching management courses can obtain. Many executives and high-ranking managers in the corporate world possess a PhD in management. Managers deal with everything from budgets to hiring; while a manager may obtain a high managerial position without a PhD in management, continuing education on the subject can open many doors to move up within the same company or to a better position at another company.

A PhD in management falls under the umbrella of a business degree and is a smart option for those looking to improve their earning power and a new position in their career. It is also common for those who want to go on to work in the academic world as a professor of business to obtain a PhD in management. Most of the high-ranking business schools have exceptional standings because of their well-qualified instructors who possess PhDs; some ranking systems judge schools on these criteria.

How Long Will I Be in School for a PhD in Management?

Like many other PhD programs, a PhD in management takes about four or five years to complete. This depends on how much time the student is devoting to the program, as many PhD students work full time or part time. It is up to you to decide how many courses you can take on, while maintaining other responsibilities. For a student going to school for a PhD full time, it can take four years to complete. The PhD program focuses on coursework during the first two years, and the dissertation takes about two or three years to complete. It is not uncommon for students to stretch the dissertation process out because of other commitments. Students attending an online PhD program will be given a layout of the program, as well as important dates before the program begins. While online programs are ideal for those who want to go to school part time, these PhD programs still require a serious academic commitment and require students to manage their time wisely.

What Will I Learn in a PhD in Management Program?

The focus this type of PhD is research on how businesses run. Students study business methodologies, known for making a business run efficiently and for profit. Many times the goal is to create new theories, combining things like psychology, business ethics and economics. Students learn theory and how to apply these ideas to modern business models. The methodologies used to research business information and data include:

  • Econometrics
  • Field studies
  • Experiments
  • Modeling

Can I Receive Financial Aid for a PhD in Management?

PhD in management programs operate like any other at a college or university and often financial aid is available. For PhD programs at traditional schools, PhD candidates may have their tuition waived and receive a stipend for student living expenses. This is the norm at many high-ranking schools known for business programs, as they often receive major funding in this department. For online programs, this is not common unless the program is an outlet of a traditional school. Some well-known schools are developing online PhD programs in many subjects and with that, students are able to qualify for a grant or fellowship, and receive a limited sum of money for living expenses. This is an exciting time for online programs as they are quickly becoming accepted in the academic field thanks to proper accreditation and quality programs that rival those found at traditional learning institutions.

What to Do Before Apply for a PhD in Management

Explore if an online degree is the right route for you; online PhD programs are rapidly expanding, giving you many schools to choose from. Online degrees offer the flexibility of participating in a PhD program without physically reporting to class during the coursework portion of the program. This is extremely helpful and convenient for those who work full or part time and manage a family. It can be difficult to carve out time to physically attend class, but because all coursework in an online PhD program is done from any Internet connection, this is no longer an obstacle for students.

Ask many questions when researching online PhD programs. You should set up an appointment with a student advisor to learn about your options within that program. Ask about financial aid or a grant or fellowship. Online programs are trying to compete with traditional schools for quality students, and some are now offering grants that cover tuition, although students must cover their own living expenses. The more schools you research, the better chance you have of finding a program that’s an ideal fit for your needs.

What Do I Need for a PhD in Management Program?

The process to apply for PhD candidacy can be lengthy; it begins with gathering your transcripts and Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). For some, the GMAT may have been taken when applying for a master’s degree program. Many schools allow you to use this same score when applying to a PhD program. You must check with your individual program to see what’s required in terms of the GMAT. All legitimate PhD programs do require the GMAT; any program that claims you do not need a GMAT may not be a school worth exploring for a PhD degree. Sources like the U.S. News and World Report annual rankings of business schools are a great starting place to understand what GMAT score you need to be considered at a certain school. Forbes releases a similar list that’s exclusive to online schools. You will also need a letter of recommendation with your application.

How Do I Take the GMAT?

If you have not taken the GMAT or you want to retake it to get a better score, you sign up for when the test is administered in your area. This is usually done at a college or university, but can also be done a community center. There are many free online sources for preparing for the test. You should also take online practice tests to get a feel for the structure of the test. It is a timed test, so it’s important you understand how the test is constructed prior to going in for the exam. This also gives you a feel for areas you need to work on. It’s important to gauge the test environment versus having the actual exam be the first time you see the format.

Should I Apply to Multiple PhD in Management Programs?

Applying to a few programs improves your chances of being accepted; most students hoping to become PhD candidates apply to five programs on average. Apply to three programs minimum. The process of gathering GMAT scores and letters of recommendation can take several months, and most PhD applications are due in January. Start the process of applying at least four months in advance to allow for proper preparation.

PhD in Management Versus DBA

A PhD in management focuses on the research process and how to understand business models and practices. A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) focuses on applying these models and practices to a working business environment; the latter focuses more on leadership and managing an organization, whereas the former focuses on studying the how and why of leadership and management. A PhD in management was the leading top degree of choice for those working in business for many years before the DBA became an option. Both are still commonly obtained by those working the academic field, as well as those working as executives at large corporations. It is important to understand the different objectives of each degree when researching your education path.

How is the Online PhD Experience Different From a Traditional PhD Program?

The primary difference is in the first two years of the PhD program; during these first two years, students focus on coursework. For an online program, all of this course work is conducted online. It can be completed at any time, although students will receive a syllabus designating due dates for work and exams. For a traditional PhD program, these two years would be spent with other students attending a traditional classroom on a regular basis in order to learn material.

You are covering the same material in an online program, as long as it is an accredited program. You may be required to participate in online message boards or periodic Skype chats with other students to discuss material. After these two years of coursework, students move on to completing their dissertations. The dissertation process is done independently, so this latter portion of the program is not much different than that at a traditional school. It is important to find an accredited PhD in management program that has the resources and instructors to aid your success in the program.

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